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Made about $400 selling off all that manga and anime and some old books and stuffff.

Anime, Manga and other DVDs cheap.

We have to move by the end of the month. We are trying to get rid of a LOT of stuff. So, this is our Manga and DVDs that we don't want anymore. We would like to get something for them, but we don't need a lot, so offer me what you think things are worth. I will seriously take almost anything you offer me. If you're uncomfortable coming up with your own number, just tell me what you want and I'll give you a number.

If you're someone I know, but don't have any money, but you'll really enjoy having something, then that's fine. Pay us back later, cook us a homemade dinner, or what we really need - help us come pack & especially clean. I hurt my arm recently and can't lift and am pretty restricted on reaching, pushing, etc. So I could really use help.

I will not split up complete series, so I've marked all the ones I could figure out. I'd also prefer not to break up any runs that are over 4 volumes straight, or anything 1-(x) but I might be able to be convinced.

If you live in the Denverish area, you can come pick it up, or I'll meet you somewhere in the North Denverish area. If you don't live nearby, but want still something, I'm happy to ship if you pay the shipping cost.

If you want something, I'd prefer you email me at akkhima at gmail.

Feel free to link to friends.

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Mar. 29th, 2011

Poll #1724122 ponies

Who is your favorite main pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ?

Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
I'm sorry I haven't watched it yet but I will go watch it RIGHT NOW because it's just that cool and I'm a dork for not doing so yet but really I will watch it now
What is your favorite opening line of a book, and why?

"My mother was the village whore and I loved her very much."
-Pigs Don't Fly (But Dragons Do) by Mary Brown

I don't think I need to explain why.

Devious Journal Entry


Devious Journal Entry

Shooting Star
by ~akkhima on deviantART

Look familiar, Terra?


Prices very negotiable, but do not include shipping. Let me know if you need a better pic of something. Click on thumbnails for larger images.
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More to be posted later.


OMG some drawings!

Heh, it's been a while since I've posted any on LJ. I also stopped using akkhiaday a while ago and moved all of my old posts here. They're all under the "Art" tag if you're interested.

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I did one more today too, but it's for the Art Jam prompt and I don't wanna influence anyone's own interpretation :P or something.

Ok, sleep now.


Writer's Block: Too scary!!

Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

I used to be scared of the monster in the toilet. Not under the bed or in the closet, but in the toilet. After I flushed, I had to quickly wash my hands and get out of the bathroom, and around the corner before the flushing stopped, or else the monster could get me.

Somehow this monster was able to get to Jonathan's house's bathroom, and I remember contemplating once how long it took to get from one place to the other, and if I flushed the toilet right after someone at Jonathan's place did, if I'd be safe while it had to travel back to me.

Whut? Weird kid.
This is the state of my life right now:

Pretty Big Enough Wedding Venues Affordable Does Not Exist