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Dear Friendslist,
Out of the first 10 entries on my friends list this morning, 8 posts are from people who are sad, angry, or just having a bad day.

I just wanted to say I'm thinking about you all and hope things get better.


Mar. 9th, 2010

Oh man, I've been busy lately. I decided to work an Artist Alley booth for Animeland Wasabi. I made and sold plushes, see here.

I spent a good couple of months working on setting up a way to be able to customize them on the site of the con, and it worked incredibly well. I was able to make 13 of them on-site, and I took orders for 22 more, leaving me with a lot of work to do, but a lot of cash (and a successfully paid cell phone bill).

I really had a ton of fun, it was really satisfying to see such a direct positive reaction to something that I put a lot of my time into. The con itself was expectedly a bit of a letdown, since they're still pretty disorganized in their third year, but I got to talk to some great people and buy some cute toys, so it's all good.

I'm feeling kind of down since the con, going back to work was really hard after the combination of the three day weekend and how exhausting working the whole time was. It doesn't help that my job is starting to be less enjoyable than it was before.
When I graduated from High School, my stepfather, Steve, gave me a Paul Simon CD. He told me the story of when he left his graduation ceremony, and got into the car, he turned on the radio to hear the enormously appropriate lyrics, "When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." So I walked out of my ceremony and put the CD in my CD player and listened to it, too. It was funny, and at the time it made me really happy to know he still had an interest in my life (after he and my mother had separated).

But now, ever since Steve has passed away, I hear that song and I think of him, and it makes me really sad. I'm really starting to miss him. We didn't get along all that well, as step-relatives sometimes do, but as I've come to realize I'm truly growing up, I really have started to think we would have gotten along really well. It gets me pretty down to think that there's no way to talk to him anymore, and I think it's harder because it feels like I have unfinished business, since I didn't get along with him as a kid, and could have patched that up over time.


Starship Goes Fweeee by ~akkhima on deviantART

New Dollie Get!
This is Agnetta (ah-nyet-ta) aka Ana. She's a little snow spirit. Jake gave her a spaceship in exchange for her helping him make tea today.

This makes 10 dolls total.

Actually, 11, but one of them is going away. I think I might mod it into a tiny Na'vi child first, though. I think I just want to dye a doll blue....

I posted some other pictures I really like to my dA, two of Charlie and another one of Ana.

by ~akkhima on deviantART

by ~akkhima on deviantART

Unique Snowflake
by ~akkhima on deviantART

Lol, I love dolls, yessiree.

2009 Fandom meme

1. Your main fandom of the year? Kuroshitsuji

2. Your favorite film watched this year? Hmm. Princess and the Frog is freshest in my mind, I did love that! But, I don't even remember what movies came out this year compared to last year, really. I suck. And all the stuff I watched on Netflix... so many movies. I can't pick a favorite, and if I picked one, it'd probably be wrong.

3. Your favorite book read this year? The Time Traveler's Wife, I suppose. Better than the Twilight Books, fo' sho'.

4. Your favorite album or song to listen to this year? I rediscovered my love for SR-71's album Now You See Inside.

5. Your favorite TV show of the year? Castle. OMFG.

6. Your favorite LJ community of the year? capslock_butler, perhaps.

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Kuroshitsuji! Also, the rediscovery of fandom in general.

8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Myself? I wanted to get into more fandom stuff than I did.

9. Your TV boyfriend of the year? Richard Castle or Sebastian Michaelis.

10. Your TV girlfriend of the year? Alexis Castle, except she's a bit young for me. I don't care, I'll wait.

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year? Jake in America cosplay. He looked SO GOOD.

12. The most missed of your old fandoms? I miss the old Fruits Basket fandom, it was really the first one I found on my own and got involved in. And actually RP'd in. But I lost track of it when it got licenced and the scans got hard to find.

13. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? Hetalia, but I'm intimidated by it. I'm looking for others.

14. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year? Gonna try to do Artist Alley stuff at the cons, we'll see how that goes.



From my mother:
-Droid Phone <3
From Greg:
-Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
From Jake (stocking):
-Moyasimon Vol 1
-Hello Kitty "Fashion Notebook"
-Hello Kitty "Journal"
-Hello Kitty Ribbon
-Hello Kitty Playing Cards
-A Nice Eraser
From Jake (not in stocking)
-A Four Card Captchalogue Deck with Stack Modus (see MSPaintAdventures)
-Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera
-An 8 gb memory card for that camera
-A Zagg protector for my Droid Phone
-Triple Chocolate Premium M&Ms
-Trail Mix
-A whole bunch of games on Steam (Including Monkey Island and Loom)
From Jake's Parents:
-A set of really nice soft colored pencils
-A rolling pin cover and gingerbread men cookie cutters
-$200 REI gift card (shared with Jake)
From Jake's Grandparents:
-$10 in crisp $1 bills
-Andes mints
From Jake's Aunt:
-Hot Cocoa Mix

Dec. 22nd, 2009

☼ I've always wondered if there was a connection between the "Reading Rainbow" and the "Reading Railroad".

☼ Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. December has gone by so fast. I'm not nearly ready with all the presents. At least I have until after Christmas for a lot of people. I wanted to do cards, though, but now I don't really feel up to it.

☼ I got a shiny new Droid smartphone from my mother for Christmas. I love it so very very much. Still working on getting fun apps, weeding out the ones I don't like, etc.

☼ Jake got a promotion. Well, more accurately it's a "reassignment of priorities on existing duties with additional income from commission on the sales aspect", but it's easier to say it's a promotion. Sadly, he didn't get a bonus like that year, but he made a lot more money this year, so I'd rather that anyway.

☼ I re-started weight watchers two weeks ago. Already lost 6.3 pounds, though this week will be a difficult one. At least Christmas dinner will be at a Chinese restaurant instead of turkey and gravy and stuffing and potatoes and all that.

☼ Speaking of which, I also, thank goodness, do not need to drive 5 hours on either Christmas Eve after 6pm or Christmas Day to visit Jake's family because they're coming down to the front range instead. I was seriously dreading that.

☼ I set up my little tree last night, but apparently the ornaments were in a different box than I thought. I dunno if I want to make Jake go get the other box, it was kind of hard to reach, even for him. The lights make me pretty happy as is.
Yargh, Jake's sick, like really sick, sinus issues and such, which means I'll probably get sick within the next few days.

I spent last weekend at Mile Hi Con. It's such a different experience from Nan Desu Kan... The average age of MHC attendees is about 4 times that of the average age of NDK, for one. And about 1/7th the people, too. I think they're both fantastic conventions for their own subjects, and I'll continue to not only attend both, but work for them as well.

MHC was really inspiring, too. I really want to make a steampunk costume (well, I need one for Violet's wedding anyway), and I want to work on some artwork that goes beyond anime. I already spent most of this weekend working on a special craft project that inspiration hit out of nowhere and kept me awake on Friday night. I don't want to say a lot about it yet, though, but it should be done in a few days so I'll share pics then.

Aaaand DST ending has me off kilter a bit, so I think I need to go to sleep.