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akkhima's Journal

Jamie Judson
1 May 1982
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Hi, nice to meetcha! My name is Jamie and I live in Boulder, CO.

My big interest is anime, which I've been a fan of since 1999. I like a wide variety of different shows, and would love to talk to people who share my interest.

I'm on AIM most of the day, so feel free to add me over there and chat. I'm usually bored and looking for new fandom friends.
80s cartoons, adult swim, ah! megamisama, akazukin chacha, anime, anime art, anime cel collecting, anime conventions, ball jointed dolls, beading, bjd, boys love, british comedy, brittish comedies, catboys, cats, cerberus project, ciel phantomhive, collectable card games, computer games, computers, cosplay, costuming, crafts, customization, damekko doubutsu, david lynch, delf, den of angels, disgaea, dollfie, dollfies, doujinshi, dr horrible, drawing, drawing anime, eddie izzard, el, elves, fangs, final fantasy, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, furries, fushigi yuugi, game boy, gamecube, games, garage kits, go, goggles, grell, hana yori dango, harry potter, hikaru no go, hyper police, inu yasha, invader zim, inventing obscure interests, japan, japanese, japanese animation, japanese stuff, jpop, jrock, jthm, kinki kids, kuroshitsuji, little brittain, livejournal, love hina, loveless, luts, manga, marmalade boy, microfanfiction, mini super dollfie, model magic, movies, moxy fruvous, nan desu kan, nana, nekobishonen, nerd-sluts, new vista high school, ninja, ninja pirate robots, ninjas, okonomiyaki, online comics, origami, otaku, paradise kiss, paramore, pencil boards, photography, pinky:st, pirates, playstation, pocky, pokemon, pretty boys, pucca, puzzle pirates, ragnarok online, ramune, ranma 1/2, resin casting, riiya, role playing, roleplaying, rpgs, sculpey, sebastian michaelis, sewing, shonen ai, shonen knife, shounen-ai, slash, slayers, smap, snow skiing, south park, space ghost, studio ghibli, super dollfie, sushi, tamahome, tavicat comics, television, the princess bride, they might be giants, tokyo mew mew, toys, ufo catchers, video games, volks, webcomics, weight watchers, wings, wolves, world of warcraft, xxxholic, yaoi, 日本語, 黒執事